Affiliate program


Join - Recommend - Earn!
The most favorable offer in the field of recruiting.
No additional conditions and pitfalls.

Bonuses from 200€ to 5000€ from the first month of cooperation.

What is the VAV Synergy affiliate program?

An affiliate program is an interaction on favorable terms between VAV Synergy and a partner that takes place in three stages:
Partner selects and recommends candidates (employees/employers)
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Step 1
Company employs people or enters into cooperation agreements with employers
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Step 2
Partner gets bonuses
Step 3
Bonus amount for recommendations:
Of employees
From 50€ monthly
Of employers
From 200€ to 5000€

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TITLE 3 Who can become a partner of VAV Synergy?

The program is a chance to improve your financial well-being for:
Experienced recruiters
Beginners with no experience
Affiliate program in numbers
launch of the program, search for candidates
opening the program - recommendations from employers
the average earnings of a partner
1 € / month
partner agencies
1 +
individual partners
1 +

Is it possible to become a partner without experience in recruiting?

No experience in recruiting? No problem! We will teach you!
VAV Synergy has developed an unique FREE course for everyone who wants to work and earn from 200€ to 5000€ per month.

How does the cooperation process look like?

You submit an application and fill out a questionnaire on the website
A company manager contacts you to clarify all the details and explain the terms of the affiliate program
You sign a cooperation agreement. From that moment on, you are already a partner of VAV Synergy, even if you don’t have any candidates yet
You look for candidates, tell them about our company, our working conditions, and recommend them to our company. Important! You can only recommend people or companies that are really interested in cooperation, have the capabilities and relevant qualifications
Company managers start working with candidates: conduct interviews/negotiations
The company signs a cooperation agreement with the candidate or employer
You receive your bonuses

Conditions for accrual and payment of bonuses

For employees

You get 50€, if the candidate you recommend has worked for one month.

For each month the candidate works, you get a bonus of 50€

For employers

You receive from 200€ to 5000€ if the employer you recommend employs our candidates.

Three levels of the partnership programme. The number of bonuses depends on the number of employees employed and your involvement in the process of co-operation with the employer.

Benefits of the affiliate program

Communication with a personal manager 24/7.
A large selection of vacancies.
Timely payments without delays.
All necessary files and documents for working with clients are freely available.
Instant feedback on each candidate.
The possibility of replacing a vacancy for a candidate.

The program is also beneficial for you because it is:

Partner's cases

Tetiana Tokareva. Private entrepreneur. Recruiter

How it all started?

The story of my partnership with VAV Synergy began in August 2021. At that time, I had already heard about this company from my other colleagues. However, after talking to the manager, I was once again convinced that I should trust only primary sources, because the terms of cooperation were much more attractive than I had been told.

Why are you interested in the affiliate program?

I’ve been working in recruiting for quite some time, but the partnership with VAV Synergy has become a new stage in my development and an opportunity to increase my income. After all, there is a unique offer for partners – monthly payments for each candidate. That is, the longer the contract with a person lasts, the longer the partner receives his or her bonuses. In addition, you can immediately start cooperation without any additional conditions or formalities. So I started working right away, without delay.

What results did you get?

Thanks to cooperation with VAV Synergy, I managed to increase my income and get new opportunities for my business.

Wishes for future partners.

Do not be afraid. Start working and earning. Everything is really honest and transparent here. The company guarantees monthly payments and comprehensive support.

Yulia Ilchenko, recruiter, self-employed person.

How it all started?

I started my cooperation with VAV Synergy six months ago, and we have been working especially actively for the last two or three months. I found out about the affiliate program through an advertisement on Facebook and I was very interested in it. After talking to the company’s manager, I was finally convinced that it was worth a try, because the offer is very interesting, and few large agencies offer such conditions to their partners.

Why are you interested in the affiliate program?

I was interested in the affiliate program from VAV Synergy because of the opportunity to reach a new level. After all, I had previously worked only with Poland, but I had long wanted to start working with companies in Germany, Belgium, and other countries. Here I have such an opportunity. I am currently actively employing people in Germany, where there are many interesting vacancies.

What results have you achieved?

My income has increased, because under the terms of the affiliate program, I receive a monthly bonus of 50 euros for each candidate I hire for the duration of his or her contract. In addition, I have new opportunities for development, because the labor market, for example, in Germany, is very promising and interesting for many clients.

Wishes for future partners.

It’s worth a try! Become a partner of VAV Synergy, because they really work honestly, without deception. The main thing is not to give up if something doesn’t work out the first time. Customers do not come immediately but work on yourself and you will succeed!

Antonina Vashchuk, recruiter, self-employed person.

How it all started?

I became a partner of VAV Synergy on the recommendation of my close friend, who’s relative had a successful experience of such cooperation. I was immediately interested in the conditions and started working. We have been actively cooperating since January 2022.

Why are you interested in the affiliate program?

Of course, first, the conditions for partners are very attractive – you hire a person and receive bonuses throughout the entire term of their contract. This is beneficial and motivates you to work better. I have never seen such offers in other companies. Everything is honest and transparent. You can always get advice and support. All documents are processed quickly, without delay.

What results did you get?

New opportunities have opened for the development of my business, as the company offers many interesting vacancies every month. My monthly salary has increased, which is also very important in the current environment.

Wishes for future partners.

Start working right away, don’t put it off. The company is really open, honest, offers good conditions, and then everything depends on you!

Anna Antonova, Individual entrepreneur Antonova Anna Vasylivna

How it all started?

I became a partner of VAV Synergy more than three months ago. I became interested in the program on the recommendation of people who had already worked there.

Why are you interested in the affiliate program?

The program is very profitable, as it allows you to freely choose the terms of cooperation with the client. It also allows you to pay commissions throughout the entire term of your candidate’s contract. Everything is open, honest and transparent.

What results did you get?

I have been a partner of VAV Synergy for three months, but I already have a good result. Recently, the volume of inquiries and applications from clients has increased. I started receiving a monthly income for supporting employees. It motivates me to keep working.

Wishes for future partners.

Do not be afraid but start working with VAV Synergy right away!


Can a person with no experience become a partner of VAV Synergy?
Yes, of course. The program provides earning opportunities for absolutely everyone. For those who have no experience in recruiting, we have developed a special training course that allows you to master a new profession in just a few days.
Does the company charge for vacancies?
No, all vacancies are free of charge and are freely available in our telegram channel, where information is updated daily. However, you can offer jobs to your clients for an additional fee, which will become your additional source of income. You determine the amount yourself.
Where does your company get vacancies, are they verified?

Yes, all vacancies are verified by reliable employers. We cooperate and have agreements with 360+ reliable European employers in countries such as Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Before signing an agreement with foreign employers, we carefully check the legality, honesty, and reputation of the entrepreneur and his company. We also check several other indicators, such as living conditions (whether they correspond to those specified in the job description), payment of salary, and the amount of work promised by the employer.

Where can I find candidates?
There are many sources for finding candidates who are ready to work. The first and easiest option is a recommendation from your acquaintances, friends, or relatives. Other effective tools include searching through classifieds, social media, and outdoor advertising.