VAV Synergy

a team of experts in employment abroad

We work to ensure that Ukrainians and citizens of Eastern European countries work legally abroad, earn steady income and be confident in the future.
And company owners and employers in the EU countries could develop their businesses, hire staff in a profitable and legal manner and not be distracted by routine HR issues.


Qualified international recruitment
Staff outstaffing
Preparation of documents
Legal and accounting support at all stages of cooperation

We hire candidates from





and other Eastern European countries

We have exclusive employer partners in





The geography of our work is constantly expanding, so more...

Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we solve all the issues of services for both people looking for work in Europe and employers.

Why do our clients trust us?

More than 18,000 of our customers trust us because we work:
We have a license for our type of activity. We guarantee our clients security and confidence in the future.
130+ experienced recruiters in the team, a staff of lawyers who know the law perfectly and are always ready to protect the rights of our clients and partners.
Only verified vacancies from reliable employers. No embellishments or deception – real conditions and real salaries. Help from managers in any situation. We are always on the client’s side.
With a heart
All clients are important to us. We value everyone, provide an individual approach and support from a personal manager 24/7.

VAV Synergy values


only together, in synergy, can we fulfill our goals and achieve great results!


new knowledge = new opportunities. We are constantly developing and becoming the best version of ourselves!


the result of our work helps those who really need it. We change the country and give a better future!

Mutual respect

we adhere to corporate ethics not only with clients, but also with each other, showing openness, honesty and responsibility!


we quickly adapt to any changes and take on new challenges!

The history of VAV Synergy

The year the company was founded. The first agreement with a German company was signed, and cooperation in the field of legal services was launched. The company had only a few managers.
We started providing services to produce documents that allowed people to work officially abroad
We take our place and start working fully in the foreign employment market. We attract employers, sign cooperation agreements, recruit and hire staff to work for them
A new level of rapid growth and strong results. We improve processes within the company and the quality of services. This was also the year when we founded the Better Future charitable foundation.
Development and prosperity. During the COVID-19 quarantine, we continue to work and hire new managers. After the quarantine, the company grows. We move to a new office
We introduce the automation process and start working in the CRM. We form additional departments. The team already includes 44 recruiters.
2022 We received the status of the best experts in the field of employment abroad from the analytical center "Choice of Country" and became leaders in the annual rating of successful companies "Ukrainian Business Award". We helped Ukrainians who left for Europe because of the war.
The beginning of 2023 will see the company continue to grow, opening new departments and areas of work.
Hello, I am Ruslan Vavriychuk, the founder of VAV Synergy. I am pleased that you are interested in our services, because it means that you have decided to change your life for the better.
I know how important and responsible this step is. At the beginning of my career, I worked as a simple construction worker in Europe, and I understand well how people live and what they want both for those who went to work abroad and for those who provide jobs and hire employees.
Therefore, when I created the company, I immediately set myself the goal of providing a service that would be supportive and real help for everyone

VAV Synergy is a company you can trust!

I can personally guarantee this for our clients:

individual approach
Growth and development