Outstaffing of personnel

for companies in the European Union

We provide outstaff services and legalization of employees, take care of HR and accounting services

We cooperate with employers from Germany, Belgium, France in various industries


We recruit, hire, legalize handymen, plumbers, plasterers, electricians, installers, bricklayers, welders, etc.


We cooperate with production facilities and employ employees of various specialties.

Logistics and transportation

We offer recruiting and outstaffing of drivers of various categories with the necessary documents.


We recruit, formalize and manage staff for hotels, restaurants, shops, offices and other public institutions.

About the Outstaffing service

Outstaffing is a form of cooperation that allows European companies to optimize personnel maintenance costs.

Employees are listed on the staff of the outstaffing company, but work in your company under a contract.

The service is especially relevant for companies with from 10 employees to several thousand.

Outstaff services from VAV Synergy include

Selection of the required number of specialists

We carry out both individual and mass recruitment of employees for temporary seasonal and permanent work

Registration of employees

We employ foreign workers in a Polish company and delegate them to your company.

Preparation of documents

We prepare a package of documents for employment, an insurance policy and an A1 certificate for the legal business trip of an employee to any EU country.

Accounting and HR support

We keep track of the employee’s working hours, payroll, taxes, and are responsible for the consequences of the actions of the people we hire.

Legal responsibility

We instruct employees on the rules of behavior in emergency situations. We are 100% responsible to the controlling authorities. We provide legal services to resolve all issues with the migration service and the registration of foreigners in accordance with the law.

Cooperation process

Advantages of cooperation with VAV Synergy

By entrusting us with the selection and legalization of employees, you get

Reduced costs

We have helped more than 1000 employees in the EU to almost halve the cost of staffing and non-core processes of the enterprise due to low taxes and other social payments.

Risk mitigation

The legal department of our company fully undertakes the work of preparing documents for the legal stay and work of a specialist in your country.

You get a guarantee that the documents of all employees will comply with the current legislation, and you will not face fines or deportation.

Concentration on the main business tasks

You generate and implement global ideas for your business, while we handle all routine HR processes, from hiring an employee to calculating and paying their salary.

Coordinator support

A specialist is always in touch to support the entire process of cooperation, coordinate with the employee, and answer questions.


How long does it take to hire an outstaffing employee?
The period of preparation of the package of documents is 7-20 business days. In some cases, there may be delays of up to 1 month due to queues in ZUS. But if you still need to find an employee, this process can take longer, depending on the complexity of the vacancy and the required number of employees.
What is the cost of recruiting an employee for your company?
We do not charge for the search and selection of candidates if the employer plans to use our services for official registration. Payment is made only for the legalization of the employee. Please note that most companies, on the contrary, charge an additional fee for recruiting from 50 to 200 EUR.
What documents are used to send specialists to work?
The main document is a letter of assignment and A1. As well as all the documents that we prepared: a liability agreement, housing conditions, working conditions, a letter from the consulate, a certificate, confirmation of registration with the immigration service, and insurance.
How long can a delegated employee work in my company?
A work permit under the A1 Certificate in any EU country is issued for a specific position and company for a period of 3 months. The period can be extended by renewing the documents.
Where to apply in case of an insured event with an employee at the company?
We have a contract with an insurance company. Insurance is issued and valid throughout Europe. In the event of an accident or illness, the employee goes to the hospital at the place of work, receives a statement and a payment check. Our company sends these documents to the insurance company, which reviews and decides on the payment of insurance funds. The compensation is paid to the employee’s account.
Who will compensate for losses if an employee damages a work tool or material?
The employee who damaged the material is reimbursed. For this purpose, a photo confirmation of the damaged material is required

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