Privacy Policy

1. General Information

1.1. Before using this resource, please pay attention to the Privacy Policy (hereinafter – the Policy). It defines your rights and obligations when using the Site. The described Policy is a necessary part of the Terms of Use – Agreement. If you do not agree with a separate item or you are not satisfied with the Policy as a whole, we recommend that you stop using this resource.

1.2. The concepts and definitions presented in this document are described and presented in Section 1. These terms are current unless otherwise provided by the Policy.

1.3. The purpose of creating the document is to inform Users about the conditions of collection, analysis and use of personal data submitted to the site.

1.4. Writing your phone number, registering a personal account means the User’s consent to the transfer and subsequent storage of information. Additionally, other information obtained when using the resource may be used.

1.5. Processing of personal information includes the following stages: collection, accumulation, change, update or deletion. The presented actions are performed for the purpose of functioning of the Site.

1.6. The resource reserves the right to change the Policy or any of its parts. The site undertakes to publish the latest editions of the document, as well as individual items. The time when the changes were made will be shown in the “Date of changes” column. The Resource informs Users about the revision of the Policy through: notifications in the personal profile, phone messages, e-mail. By agreeing to use the Site after the changes have been made, the User automatically accepts the described points as part of the Policy.

2. Information collected and processed by the site

2.1. The resource processes only the data that the User provides independently, voluntarily. Such information includes:

  • Data required when registering and receiving services on the Site – personal phone number. In the case of consent to information mailing of messages, offers from Employers – e-mail address (e-mail), contact number registered in the Telegram, WhatsApp or Viber systems.
  • Information necessary to start using the Site: name and surname of a person, date of birth, mobile phone number, citizenship, education, specialty, availability of skills and work experience in a specific field, country and name of the city (village) of actual residence persons In addition, the User agrees to provide: information on the availability of a biometric document and visa, email address, information on previous work experience (field, years of experience, skill level), data on work experience abroad, desired date of employment, availability of a driver’s license (open categories), knowledge of a foreign language (which one, level), availability of qualification certificates.
  • Information about the desired type of work: individual, for a married couple, for a work team.
  • Personal photo, resume in video format.
  • User accounts in social networks.

2.2. The site analyzes and processes such information about the User, which is collected automatically. Such data include:

  • information that is permitted by current legislation and relates to equipment or access to the Internet when the User uses the Site: connection IP address, device location, account data, Internet browser version, equipment operating system, history of movement through web addresses , the log of vacancies viewed by the User on the Site, the number of Employers’ responses, the duration of visits to specific pages, errors when loading or viewing web pages;
  • interaction between web pages or phone numbers used to contact our Customer Support Center. This information is analyzed by various methods, including cookies;
  • statistical data: systematized information from User accounts for research of the registered database, development of the Site, advertising purposes. Information may be made public and publicly accessible in general form.

Such data can bear the status of “Personal” only in those cases, if they allow to directly determine the identity of the User.

3. Use of personal information

3.1. The site uses the User’s personal data only for specific purposes: 

  • provision of Services to registered persons in accordance with the Rules for using the Site;
  • evaluation, analysis and modernization of the service;
  • conducting effective administration of the Site;
  • detection and elimination of functional shortcomings of the Site.

* In addition, the resource uses data for the purpose of informing Users, potential customers about service updates, introduction of new services, etc.

4. Disclosure and distribution of Personal Information

4.1. The site does not share personal information of registered participants, except in situations in which the User has given full consent or in accordance with the terms of this Policy.

4.2. Certain third parties may be given access to some personal data. This is provided for by the features of the Site. Such persons include:

  • employers who place informational announcements on the resource for the purpose of informing Users about vacancies, as well as for the purpose of future cooperation outside the Site;
  • partner sites with which this Site has a contract for cooperation, mutual placement of information about the Site or Services (for advertising purposes, market analytics, journalistic material, etc.).

These representatives have the opportunity to process Personal Data of Users within the framework of the terms and features of the Site. The scope of access granted to these persons is determined by the administrator in strict accordance with the rules of use for Employers and specific Internet resources with which this Site cooperates.

The site is not responsible for the protection and preservation of Personal Information that was made public by subjects of the first category outside of this resource. The site is not responsible for situations in which the User independently disclosed data within this web resource.

The conditions and procedure for the collection, analysis, processing and storage of information by representatives of the first category outside of the Site is in accordance with the rules defined by specific Privacy Policies or other regulatory documents of these entities.

According to the current legislation, the information received by the services cannot be considered personal and marked as “Personal data”. Despite this, the Site is not responsible for the collection, processing, analysis and storage of data subjects. To find out how and for what purposes the received information is used by the services, the User must refer to the Privacy Policy that they adhere to.

4.3. The site undertakes to comply with the requirements of current legislation. According to this clause, Personal Information may be provided without warning the owner in several cases:

  • to counter and protect against fraud;
  • in response to complaints from other Users;
  • incorrect, illegal use of the Site platform for personal purposes;
  • at the request of a court, for investigation, or at the request of state authorities.

The site considers the fact of data disclosure in the listed cases absolutely legal. At the same time, personal information will be made public only in the volume sufficient for the investigation.

5. Protection of personal information. User data storage period

5.1. The site guarantees the storage, processing and use of the User’s Personal Data in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Personal Data”.

5.2. The site undertakes to make efforts to store, process and use personal information in accordance with other laws.

5.3. The standard period of storage of Personal data is chosen based on the achievement of the conditions specified in clause 3.1 of this Policy. At the same time, the term should not be less than 10 years.

Personal data is subject to immediate destruction upon reaching the statute of limitations or in cases provided for by current legislation and the terms of the Policy.

6. Contact with the Site. Responsible administrator

6.1. The person responsible for processing the User’s Personal Information is the Site administrator.

6.2. In case of questions, suggestions or requests regarding personal information, the User can contact the administrator at the email address.