foreign personnel for European Union companies

We offer candidates from Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and other Eastern European countries

Required qualification

We interview at least 5 candidates to select the most relevant one. Using a proprietary system of employee selection and skills testing, we provide specialists with the necessary skills and experience.

In the needed quantity

Thanks to our experience and our own database of qualified candidates, we can find candidates in any number of positions.

In a short time

We start the search as soon as the contract is signed. Most of the candidates in our database are already in the European Union and are ready to start working immediately.


We use a number of effective tools to attract the best professionals

Internal CRM system

For 7 years of work, we have developed a database of 40,000 candidates.

Social networks

More than 200 thematic groups

Partner network

More than 120 active recruiters cooperate with us on a partnership basis

Marketing tools

Advertising coverage of more than 1 million employees


We receive 300 recommendations from existing employees every month
* We can offer the first candidates on the day of application

The cooperation process



Submit an application, our manager will contact you, find out your needs and provide the necessary advice.

Candidate search and selection

We find a candidate of the specialization you need. We check his/her references from previous jobs, conduct an interview, and assess his/her compliance with the stated skills and your requirements.

Candidate approval

We offer ideal candidates, organize an interview with the owner or representative of your company.

Closing the vacancy

You choose the best employees and pay for our work after they pass the trial period.

Advantages of VAV Synergy recruitment solutions

Recruiting staff with us is much easier and more reliable than doing it yourself

Saving time and resources

We provide fast recruitment, including seasonal workers. We are responsible for all stages of recruitment and coordination during the employment stage.

Wide candidate base

We work with a database of more than 40,000 CVs. We invest a lot of time and effort in the selection of candidates to provide you with only proven and appropriate employees. 


We provide support and personalized advice to both you and foreign employees at all stages of recruitment and employment.

Quality assurance

If the selected employee does not meet your expectations or is not suitable for some reason, we provide a replacement candidate at no additional cost to you.

Own methodology of assessment and selection

Your requirements for an employee become a handbook for the VAV Synergy recruitment agency. We conduct in-depth interviews and check the candidate on 38 points of the author’s checklist to identify real skills and specialization.


How long does recruitment typically take?
The duration of recruitment can vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of the customer. Typically, recruitment takes from several days to several weeks. We work efficiently to minimize the recruitment time and provide quality candidates in the shortest possible time.
What guarantees do you provide regarding the quality of candidates?
We are looking for only experienced and qualified candidates. We clearly indicate all the requirements in our vacancies. For each vacancy, we interview at least 3-5 candidates. The selected candidates are carefully checked by our internal security service. You also have the opportunity to interview the candidate yourself. In addition, we provide a quality guarantee, which means that if a candidate does not meet your expectations, we will replace them at no additional cost to you.
What is the communication and liaison during the recruitment process?
We strive to provide transparent and effective communication with our clients at every stage of the recruitment process. Your account manager is always in touch with you, providing regular updates on the progress of the recruitment, consulting on the candidate’s profile and organizing interviews with you. We are also open to feedback and are always ready to answer all your questions and clarifications.

Feedback from our customers

Our customers

Our customers include major European Union companies in the construction, logistics, and services sectors