International recruitment for work in Europe from VAV SYNERGY. The process from A to Z

For European employers who are in search of qualified staff from other countries, we offer search and recruitment services. Moreover, we not only select specialists who perfectly match the employer’s requirements, but also prepare all documents for legalisation of their work. We will cover this topic in more detail in the next publications.

And now let’s talk about how the recruitment process for EU companies is carried out by our company:

  1. First, we receive an application from the employer to find a specialist for a certain vacancy.
  2. Then the manager studies the completed CVs of the candidates and selects a suitable employee. The candidate for the vacancy is interviewed online and receives more detailed information about the upcoming job.
  3. After that, the manager sends the finished CV to the employer and waits for his approval (no more than 3 working days).
  4. If the employer meets all the criteria for our candidate, we prepare a full package of documents for his legal and lawful employment at the company in the EU (+ prepare a visa invitation letter, if necessary).

We undertake all legal and accounting obligations.

  1. Our company sends the specialist to the place of work.

The manager of our company always keeps in touch with both the employer and the potential employee.

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