What are the risks of illegal employment of workers from Ukraine and neighbouring countries?

Most foreigners consider the possibility of going to work abroad illegally. And some employers successfully use this fact by hiring staff to work “in cloak and dagger”.

EU employers employing foreign workers have the opportunity to save their payroll budget, but they also risk huge problems and fines.

This is what the owners and directors of many European companies faced in 2022-2023 who:

  • did not have full information and did not draw up all the necessary documents;
  • trusted agencies that employed foreigners using forged documents.

What are the dangers of illegal employment?

In case of detection of “cloak” work it is bad for both the employer and the employee.

First of all, the employer’s reputation and finances suffer.

He can be fined from 50,000 euros to half a million euros. In some cases, the employer may face more severe penalties.

Ignorance of the nuances of the law does not exempt from liability.

It should be noted that if the employer does not know that his employee does not have the relevant documents, it does not exempt him from further legal liability.

Therefore, the recommendation is to:

  • Analyse information on the employment market, monitor all changes and innovations in labour and tax legislation.
  • Hire workers only with a valid visa and a properly prepared package of documents.
  • Be careful when choosing an agency that will provide recruitment and registration services in your country.

How exactly can you be sure of complete safety and legality when employing foreign professionals in the EU?  How to avoid risks and penalties by employing workers through agencies?

VAV Synergy managers answer these and other questions in detail. For more than 8 years we have been successfully engaged in recruitment and registration of personnel for the EU countries. Our services have already been appreciated by hundreds of partners among European entrepreneurs.

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