What are the peculiarities of legal employment of workers from other countries? Employment on the A1 form. And why it is advantageous!

In the last post we described the risks an employer may face if he or she hires staff through unreliable agencies illegally.

Now let’s talk about why it is EXTREMELY beneficial to employ foreigners LEGALLY. And how to do it with the help of A1 certificate.

A1 certificate is a document issued to an employee by the social insurance authority in Poland.

It confirms that:

  • the person has social insurance valid throughout the European Union.
  • the Polish employer pays tax to the state on behalf of the employee.

If an employee is recruited by a Polish company, he/she can be legally delegated to a business trip and can legally work in any EU country.

In order to produce A1 and delegation you need a package of documents, the full list of which will be sent to you by our manager on request. A1 document is issued by our company in Poland, on the basis of a Polish work visa and after signing a cooperation agreement with the employer’s company.

Delegation on the A1 travelling form is beneficial for both parties:

  • For employers, it saves time and reduces tax and payroll costs. In addition, the employer’s company does not bear any legal responsibility – the legal department of VAV SYNERGY is responsible for the registration of the employee.
  • For employees, official employment guarantees proper working conditions: a place to work, standardised working hours, 100% payment of wages.
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