Case of DataNetzBau GmbH

How to quickly register 10 employees without additional costs for administrative staff and in-house accounting?

Who is the client? DataNetzBau GmbH is a company engaged in the construction of engineering networks and laying of optical lines. They operate in Poland and Germany and employ about 30 people.

What was the problem they came with? Due to the increase in the number of orders in different countries, there was a need to recruit new employees. But in order to administer such a large number of people, it was necessary to hire additional specialists – an HR specialist, a stand-alone accountant, and a lawyer. It was financially unprofitable. And working with unregistered employees is against the law and can lead to heavy fines.

VAV Synergy’s actions to solve the problem.  The ideal solution to this type of problem for small and medium-sized companies is outstaffing, or outsourcing.

The algorithm of our actions was as follows:

  1. The employer provided a list of people he wanted to attract to work at his facilities.
  2. VAV Synergy lawyers interviewed 10 people to find out on the basis of what documents they were currently staying in Poland. It turned out that 6 people had only a biometric passport, so they had to draw up documents.
  3. Then we started the process of processing documents for official work in Poland and Germany. For the employees who had only a biometric passport, we issued invitations for a Polish work visa.
  4. The next step was to officially employ the employees and apply for A1.

Overall, the process of hiring employees took 1.5 months.

Benefits for the employer:

  • officially registered employees: no threat of fines and deportation;
  • cost savings on hiring administrative staff;
  • no need to keep additional accounting records – he pays one bill per month.

Comment from the partner. For our company, it is extremely beneficial to work with VAV Synergy on an outstaffing basis. We have calculated that hiring administrative staff is very expensive. In addition, working with documents, inspections, and accounting takes a lot of time. Thus, we simultaneously save both our own money and time, which is no less important.

I definitely recommend cooperation with VAV Synergy. Main advantages:

  • financial benefits;
  • prompt resolution of issues;
  • competent work of the manager.