The case of Galun & Engels GbR

How to find a candidate in 3 days with the help of an employment company who became the best employee and started to bring profit.

Who is the client? Galun & Engels GbR is a company engaged in all types of construction work – internal and external. They have been operating in Germany since 2009, with up to 10 people on staff, but are constantly hiring additional employees for contract work.

What was the problem they came with? To build your own office with living quarters, you urgently need to find qualified generalists who are familiar with modern construction technologies. Independent searches did not bring the desired result. The client’s company and their contractors needed workers.

VAV Synergy’s actions to solve the problem. To select specialists who would best meet the customer’s requirements, we took the following steps:

  1. We analysed our own database of verified candidates – 800 people with the relevant specialisation. We selected 114 specialists.
  2. Analysts analysed the CVs of the candidates and identified 19 workers who have all the necessary documents and are already in Germany.
  3. Managers sent out a targeted mailing with the details of the vacancy to the selected candidates.
  4. 5 candidates replied to the letters, three of whom were ready to start work in the near future. They were recommended to the employer.

In total, the vacancy was filled in 3 days.

It is gratifying to note that one of these employees, after several months of work, showed very good results and was recognised as the best in their company.

Partner’s comment. This is our first experience of working with an employment agency. And we are very pleased that we turned to VAV Synergy, because it is a large company where many people work together, all processes are set up, and everything is very easy. The manager is constantly in touch with us, reminds us of the documents, explains everything, and gives us tips. This is very important.

And, of course, the advantage is the qualified staff we have selected, because the market is currently facing a very difficult situation with working professions. For several decades, no attention was paid to this knowledge, no people were trained, and now it turns out that there are many people who want to work, but few real professionals. That is why we are very pleased that thanks to VAV Synergy we have managed to attract good specialists.