Case study of a transport company

When professionalism is important in everything, the best solution is to cooperate with VAV Synergy. Case study of a transport company

Who is the client? A small transport company engaged in long-distance freight transport. The company considers its main advantage over competitors to be the speed of delivery – 2-3 days. The fleet consists of 5 vehicles, with plans to increase the number to 25-35 in the near future.

What was the problem they came with? The company’s services are in great demand in the market, as people are often not ready to wait a week for delivery, as large companies offer. Time is important to them. Accordingly, time is also very important for the company itself. For a business to run smoothly, you need good employees. And even a single machine’s downtime is a loss for the company. Therefore, the request was to find a mechanic and several drivers urgently.

VAV Synergy’s actions to solve the problem. To solve this problem, we used our proven work algorithms:

  1. Processing our own database of verified candidates. At the time of the application, it contained 34 category C drivers.
  2. We also involved our partners, who also have quite large databases of potential candidates, in the search for the right people. In just two days, they provided us with 18 more CVs.
  3. The recruiters analysed all the candidates and selected the top 8 candidates.
  4. After the interviews, we recommended 4 specialists to the client.

In total, it took 14 days to recruit staff for the client and complete the paperwork.

Partner’s comment. We have our own niche – we deliver expensive goods quickly and over long distances. Our customers are people who understand the value of the product and are willing to pay for it. Therefore, professionalism is important to us in everything – both in the work of our employees and partners. Cooperation with VAV Synergy is the perfect case when everything came together.

The fact that the company employs professionals is evident in everything:

  • the work of the manager, who is an extremely competent person;
  • the speed of solving some business issues;
  • understanding of what the client really needs.

This is very, very important. We have had experience of working with other employment companies and have something to compare with. These are often small companies that can look for a candidate for months. And for some reason, they look down on clients and do not try to understand their needs. Their cost of services is lower, but the efficiency is many times lower, and there may be losses for the business. For example, if it takes us 2 months to find a mechanic, it’s a catastrophe.

I would definitely recommend VAV Synergy – they are truly professionals who can be trusted.