The quality of an employment company’s work is when requests are closed faster than the client expects

Who is the client? HATER-INFIWAY UG is a construction company engaged in turnkey construction of houses (from the foundation to the complete interior decoration). They work in Germany, with the main office in Leipzig. The company employs up to 10 people.

What was the problem they came with? The new facility required a team of builders – a bricklayer, a reinforcer, and a concrete worker. The main requirement was professionalism, absence of bad habits, and availability of all documents. The company had already had a negative experience of cooperation with other agencies that sent workers without documents.

VAV Synergy’s actions to solve the problem. Officially. Safe and secure. Legally. These are the principles on which our company works.

Official registration of all employees is a guarantee of legality and safety.

The algorithm of our actions was as follows:

  1. Analysis of our own candidate database. This time, we focused on close-knit teams that have been working together for a long time. The demand for construction teams is quite high.
  2. At the time of our application, there were 8 free teams in our database that were ready to start work.
  3. Managers analysed their compliance with the client’s requirements and chose one.

For HATER- INFIWAY UG, we selected a professional team of 4 people who had all the documents and were ready to start working very quickly.

The task was completed within 5 days.

Partner’s comment. When we first started working with VAV Synergy, we were extremely impressed with the speed with which you work. Based on our experience of working with other firms, we thought that the process of recruiting and hiring the right employees would be quite long and complicated, so we applied in advance. Imagine our surprise when we got a good professional team in just a few days. We have to admit that we were not even prepared for such a rapid development of events. We were still in the middle of preparatory work on the construction site. But we have solved everything.

Documents are also important to us, because we had a negative experience and would not want to get into such a situation again.

The main advantages of working with VAV Synergy are:

  • High professionalism;
  • understanding of the client and the ability to adapt to their needs;
  • very good communication – the manager is always in touch;
  • complete order with documents.