How to quickly find qualified employees and double the number of orders? Case of the DWS Bedahungen

Who is the client? DWS Bedahungen, Berlin, is a company engaged in the construction and restoration of all types of roofs. They work all over Germany. The main staff consists of 14 people, but they are constantly hiring additional workers for projects.

What was the problem they came with? We received a lot of orders for roof repairs. But there was a problem with skilled workers. It takes a lot of time to search independently and it is difficult to find truly professional roofers who know how to work with different types of materials and apply European technologies. As a result, you have to turn away customers and lose money.

VAV Synergy’s actions to solve the problem. After receiving the application, we immediately started looking for people with the appropriate qualifications. We set ourselves an ambitious goal to resolve the client’s issue in 7-14 days.

The algorithm of our actions was as follows.

  1. We analysed our own employee base. This includes more than 1000 representatives of construction professions. We selected 50 potential candidates who best met the employers’ requirements.
  2. Managers updated these contacts. We selected 5 people. The main criteria were the suitability of the profession and the availability of documents, as the employer needed to provide people quickly.
  3. We launched an additional advertising campaign to attract candidates.
  4. In 3 days, we received more than 89 applications, which managers processed in 2.5 days.
  5. We conducted interviews and recommended 5 candidates to DWS Bedahungen.

In total, we managed to find the right people in 10 days.

Partner’s comment. «We are very pleased with the cooperation with VAV Synergy. This is our second contract. We tried to fill our vacancies on our own, but then we realised that when you trust these professionals, everything happens much faster and better. The staffing problem is very big now, so we pay a lot of attention to this issue.

We have a lot of orders now, so we plan to hire new people and continue our cooperation.

 As for the advantages of VAV Synergy, we can highlight the following:

  • Professional work of managers who are constantly in touch, respond very quickly to requests, and have a high level of qualifications.
  • High-quality recruitment in the shortest possible time.
  • Absolutely transparent payment system – we have never had any issues with salary payments or tax payments.
  • Official employment of people – no problems with inspection services.

We recommend VAV Synergy!