Top 7 problems EU employers face when hiring foreign workers

If attracting quality candidates from other countries is a problem for your business, you are not alone. According to a survey conducted by our company, 48% of EU employers believe that recruiting and hiring foreign staff on their own can be a “headache” and can be accompanied by a number of problems. We have collected the most common ones:

  1. You can hire inexperienced workers without the right qualifications.
  2. Hired workers may turn out to be dishonest, conflictual, with bad habits.
  3. If the paperwork is incorrect, the employer will face a fine and the employee will be deported. It is necessary to have an in-house lawyer.
  4. In addition, there is a risk that the employee will arrive with forged documents, and the employer will not have the necessary competences to check them properly.
  5. If you use the services of an intermediary, you will need to spend additional funds: to pay for recruitment, and then separately for the execution of documents.
  6. There is a possibility of falling for a fraudulent intermediary.
  7. There is a risk that the search will take too long and you will get employees later than you need.

How to avoid these problems? Delegate the hiring and registration process to experienced professionals.

We at VAV Synergy successfully resolve such issues, quickly close vacancies, and guarantee the legality of all documents. You will get reliable employees without fear of inspections, on time and with the right qualifications. Our team of lawyers and accountants will save you from additional time and financial expenses.